Call for Papers

IEEE International Workshop on the Future of PaaS 2015

Call for Papers

The cloud revolution of IT started with the obvious first step: to virtualize computing resources. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds expose vast amounts of resources, on demand, to anyone in the world; and for a fraction of the cost needed if the same resources had to be provisioned otherwise.

However, the vast majority of cloud users do not care about resources as much as they do about their applications and middleware (or stack), which they want to run efficiently and in a scalable manner on top of some IaaS cloud. Enter Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which results in complete stacks of software that can easily be executed and be managed on top of an IaaS. By converting the developer operations (DevOps) actions and software stack configurations into data and code, one can easily "execute" a stack description and realize it using IaaS resources.

IaaS and PaaS work together to make the cloud revolution a reality today. However, the uptake of these twin groups of technologies, in order to go mainstream, face various hurdles. For instance, how do we make sure the PaaS applications work in hybrid (private and public) clouds? How do we deal with IaaS failures at the PaaS layer? How to cope with catastrophic failures (remember the AWS apocalypse of 2012)? And how to allow idiosyncratic platforms to run on PaaS that generally tend to be designed for the mainstream stacks?

In this workshop, we have gathered a program committee of mostly industry leaders in the nascent PaaS space, as well as seasoned academic leaders in middleware and systems and cloud research to create a program that will try to explore the current avenues, dead ends, and boulevard, that make the future of PaaS.

Please submit papers here of 4 pages in length on the topics listed below. The work presented in the paper does not need to be fully baked, however, since the topic in question is very hands-on and practical, we would expect that the paper discusses ideas that have been implemented in a working prototype at the very least.

There is an opportunity to publish select papers in a special issue of the International Journal on Big Data Intelligence.

Call for Papers and submit papers here

Topics of Interests

Including but not limited to:

  1. Advances in DevOps tools and frameworks
  2. Cross-cloud application development
  3. PaaS resiliency, scalability, security, and privacy
  4. Private PaaS vs. public PaaS
  5. Cost models for PaaS
  6. PaaS monitoring for failure recovery (automated or not)
  7. License management in PaaS platforms
  8. Virtualization vs. containerization to support PaaS
  9. Tools and frameworks for PaaS
  10. PaaS vs. IaaS
  11. PaaS vs. SaaS
  12. PaaS vs. Containers (e.g., Docker)
  13. PaaS and Services Marketplaces

Important Dates

  • Papers due: Sunday December 7th 21st, 2014 @ 11:59P PDT (extended)
  • Notification of Acceptance: January 19th, 2015
  • Camera ready paper due: February 1th, 2015

Workshop Format

We expect to have one keynote speaker and about eight to ten presentations over one day

Support or Contact

Having trouble submitting or have a questions? contact futureofpaas15 at the EasyChair dot com domain and we’ll help you sort it out.